Download WWE Immortals For PC

Playing games is the best way to kill time, and save oneself from boredom. Today there are several games available on smartphones and PC’s. One such game which is available on the Android and iOS smartphone platform is WWE Immortal.

This is a very popular game on the mobile platform, but with the advent of Android emulators like Bluestacks, this game can now also be played on the Windows PC too.


WWE Immortal is essentially a fighting game which is based on WWE, the professional wrestling promotion. Developed by NetherRealm Studios in association with Phosphor Game Studios, this free game was launched on January 15, 2015.

The game loans several technical aspects, like the format of three vs. three combat, sound and graphics, from the game, Injustice: Gods among Us. This game basically features superstars in battle from the WWE world in a “fantastically re-imagined” virtual space.

“Immortal Credits”, used to upgrade and buy characters can be earned by playing the game more and more. The statistics of every character/ hero grows in each level.

There are three signature attacks and a passive ability inherent in every hero. However, this can be manipulated by the players by spending game coins for levelling up the signature attacks of the heroes. Moreover, buying talent cards can also strengthen the heroes in the game.

Character Study:

When the game was launched there were only 25 characters to be purchased (9 Bronze, 9 Silver, and 7 Gold). However an additional character, Cyborg Gold Brock Lesnar was introduced later. This character could be unlocked by playing in a challenge mode.

Mentioned below is a list of characters available currently and their purchase rates (game coins):



  • Roman Reigns- Centurion
  • Daniel Bryan- Movement


  • Brie Bella- Ice Witch
  • Trish Status- White Witch
  • Nikki Bella- Pyromancer
  • Sheamus- Ancient Druid
  • Big Show- Giant
  • Paige- Dark Sorceress
  • Kane- The Demon



  • Brie- Lunar Guardian
  • Nikki- Solar Assassin


  • Sheamus- Celtic Warrior
  • Triple H- The Authority


  • Undertaker- Deadman
  • Paige- Banshee Knight


  • The Rock- Stone Watcher


  • Brock Lesnar- Beast Incarnate


  • John Cena- Soldier



  • Daniel Bryan


  • Big Show- Lumber Jack
  • Trish Stratus- Angelic Knight
  • Undertaker- Necromancer


  • John Cena- Evolved
  • Roman Reigns- Hounds of Justice
  • Triple H- King of Kings

Playing On Windows PC:

Android games cannot run directly on the Windows PC. Even after you install Google developer tools; it is still not easy to execute the APK files. WWE Immortal can run very easily on the Windows platform with the help of the Android emulator, Bluestacks. All you need to do is:-

  • Download Bluestacks latest Windows version.
  • Use your Gmail id to create a play store account after selecting the language
  • Search for “WWE Immortal” in the search bar
  • After you reach the app page on play store, click “Install”. This will download and install the game.
  • When you can see the icon of the game on the main menu, launch the game by clicking on it